Dealing with Barristerservices

We know about barristers and chambers

Because we know a reasonable amount about barristers and Chambers you will not have to explain Call Date or why members are ordered accordingly. You won't need to point out the importance of a Court of Appeal case over a County Court case on a CV.

It's not your full-time job

We understand that barristers aren't just going to be dealing with their website and that individual members of chambers may well have contradictory views which can't just be ignored.

What are you getting for your money?

Some web designers stop with an empty web site, others expect to write all your content for you and charge accordingly. With a set of chambers where each member is effectively self-employed it's important to be clear about what is being done and whether it is benefiting a member or chambers as a whole. We'll allow you to have as much or as little of our services as you like with a clear quote.

Is your site designed for you?

We will design and build every aspect of your site according to your specifications. We won't be using a prebuilt system or some off-the-shelf template into which we'll try to fit your site and then tack on a few images.

Full service for a single price

Once we've agreed a design and price we'll stick to it. We won't charge you for every phone call, e-mail or letter and once the site is delivered we won't leave you in the lurch if you want a quick change or a simple fix.

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Some things we have learned about dealing with Chambers'....


Once work is underway there will be a need for some back and forth as features are worked out, new features suggest themselves and design ideas become reality. Barristers will be busy barristering and so will not necessarily be on call to answer queries. It's important that everyone knows who is responsible and someone can give definitive answers.

Many design cooks

Different barristers may have different and strongly held ideas about the look of a page or section or how a feature might work. Although a design will be agreed before substantial work proceeds there are always changes during a project and a mechanism for resolving differences of opinion must exist.

Ideally we'd agree a basic design at the outset then refine this as the project progressed. Its much easier to change something at the beginning than three-quarters of the way through.

Rocket science

A modern chambers website isn't difficult to build. A good modern chambers website isn't difficult to build. We charge accordingly.